What is nomigraines.org?

Quite simply, nomigraines.org is a site dedicated to helping people find out more about migraines so they can find relief and prevent future migraines.


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Migraine and Headache Relief


As a migraine or headache sufferer, you're no doubt familiar with all the types of medication available on the market to help ease the pain. Some of these drugs are very effective, however prevention is often better than cure.

Natural Migraine Relief

By looking at the cause of migraines, it's possible to change various things to help avoid headaches and migraines all together. If you can successfully avoid your known migraine triggers, you can go a long way in avoiding migraines all together.

Migraine Relief Exercises / Techniques

There are various migraine relief exercises and techniques that can also help avoid migraine symptoms in the first place. In particular, breathing techniques can be a very important part of preventing migraine pain and symptoms.

The following may help in migraine prevention:

There are many ebooks and programs available on the web that cover these topics. Some such as The Migraine and Headache Program focus on breathing in particular and can be very effective.